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Preventative maintenance is critical to ensure the safety, reliability, drivability, comfort and longevity of your vehicle.  We offer a full range of preventative maintanence services.   
-Oil changes
-Tune ups
-Filter replacements
-Fluid services
-Factory scheduled maintanence (30, 60, 90K)
-Tire rotations
-Fuel injection cleaning
Vehicle inspection and tire pressure set at each service.
 As vehicle have become more complex, many systems  have become computer controlled.  At King's we offer the latest electronic diagnostic equipment coupled with the resources and experience to diagnose and turn off those pesky warning lights.  
-Check engine lights
-Transmission warning lights
-Suspension warning lights
-ABS warning lights
-Air bag warning lights
-TPMS warning lights
And many more...
Electronic Diagnosis
Brakes making noise?  Is your vehicle shaking when you apply the brakes?  King's offers a full range of brake services.  From fluid flushes to drum and rotor resurfacing to antilock brake diagnosis we have the answers to your braking problems.
Car not handling like it used to?  Do you get clunking noises or looseness over bumps?  It may be time to have your suspension inspected.  A small amount of play in the suspension can add up to increased tire wear and premature tire replacement down the road.  
Brakes and Suspension

Keep your vehicle safe and comfortable with our heating and air conditioning services. Along with regulating cabin temperature your automotive HVAC system also filters outside polutants and allows for dehumidification of the interior air to keep your windows fog free.  


Heating and Air Conditioning
Thinking of purchasing a new vehicle?  Don't buy someone else's problem.  Schedule an appointment for a used car safety inspection.  Let us take the worry out of your used car purchase by ensuring that all systems have been inspected by a trained professional.  This expanded version of our basic vehicle inspection will help you make an educated decision on your purchase.
Used Car Safety Inspection
Car care coordination without leaving home!
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